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Pro-Pipe Project



PERIOD: 2006 - 2008


Development of an impervious nano-composite barrier system which can be used for portable water pipes in brownfield sites and other harsh environments.

Pro-pipe is a European project, included within the 6th EU Framework Program, which concluded in 2009. The main objective of this project was to develop nano-composite barrier systems that allow the construction of impermeable pipelines to transport drinking water in polluted environments.

Likewise, there are other aspects to be taken into consideration, such as the preferential use of fully recyclable materials, the need for the construction process to be simple and a lower energy cost than in the case of aluminum pipes, as large diameter pipes are not contemplated in the project. A number of companies have collaborated on this project, including: Rossi Stamp srl, Perplastic, Mapex, Piperec, Icelandic Nanotechnologies, Setec Maschinenbau, ARTS, Contratas Iglesias, Uponor, Severn Trent Water, in addition to other organizations such as Pera, IceTec and Newcastle University.

The conclusions reached may also be transferred, in the future, to other fields, such as transportation/storage of oils, packaging of fuel, heating pipelines, etc.