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Filtering Pavement



PERIOD: 2007 - 2009

BUDGET: € 904,220.00

R+D+i project to design, verify and follow-up parking lots built with filtering pavement.

This project seeks to develop, build and later verify the results of permeable parking lots, built with biodegradable hydrocarbon-filtering pavement.

The process includes the construction of two types of parking areas. In one case, the surface structure is similar to other parking lots (reinforced grass surface over a compact sand-gravel mix base and sub-base). Others offer two types of surface alternatives, with two types of material bases and sub-bases, which provide four different pavement surface combinations.

In this second group, the two surface types tested are:

  • Concrete paving stones, placed so that water can penetrate.
  • Porous, type PA-12 asphalt mixture with two layers, each measuring 5 cm thick.

The materials used for the base and sub-base are, on the one hand, limestone gravel without sand and on the other, recycled construction aggregate without sand.

To create the biofilm that biologically degrades the hydrocarbons retained in the pavement, non-fabric, continuous fiber, low grammage geotextiles are used.