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Sustainable, lineal drainage system



PERIOD: 2007 - 2009

BUDGET: € 1,023,500.00

R+D+i Project to design, verify and follow-up a sustainable, lineal drainage system.

This project seeks to simulate Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) in Spain by building a frame in which these systems can be reproduced and their behavior analyzed.

The project is based upon promoting more sustainable surroundings for highways. It is based upon three basic aspects to attain the sustainability of drainage systems: quantity, quality y service.

The problems derived from unsustainable actions are ever more visible in society: flooding, lost quality and distraction of natural beauty. Therefore, and given that the advent of environmental dangers is uncontrolled by humanity, the solution to avoid these situations translates into having infrastructures that are able to alleviate the effects of these situations to the extent that it is possible.

Using Sustainable Drainage Systems significantly improves water quality.

In terms of water quality, the fundamental process of SUDS filters suspended solids including the pollutants (large quantities of heavy metals) commonly found in this type of water as well as biodegrading the hydrocarbons found the water (slight biodegradable action due to the transport function of SUDS).